Smart Security for Smart Ads

Wask does not save your digital advertising data and
keeps your all information in its safe platform.

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No Password Need

Connect all your advertise accounts to Wask with just one click and start manage. Through this process Wask never ask your accounts’ password. You just click the connect account button and the page of the platform that you want to connect will open in a new tab.

Users’ all advertising data is stored on Wask’s secure and safe platform during their using time. The all data of users who have expired are destroyed safely

Will my data be stored in Wask’s server?
The data of your advertises are kept in Wask’s safe servers during your subscription.
How can I connect my accounts to Wask platform without giving any password?
When you click on the “Connect Account” button when connecting your accounts, the login page of the relevant company opens and you log in via that page. Wask never ask your accounts’ passwords.
What will happen to my data after I unsubscribe Wask?
If you unsubscribe, all data you have in Wask’s platform delete permanently.

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