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1. E-Commerce sites decreased the cost-per-add-to-cart up to 50% by creating an Ads campaign with Wask. Wask allowed them to create target audience, which saved them hours of manual work and resulted up to 100% increase in CTR.

2. E-Commerce sites saw a drastic increase in User Engagement and Cost-Per-New-Product- Submission decreased up to 90%, CTR increased 350 % with the Wask’s Story Video Creator.

3. E-Commerce sites increased their ROAS up to 250% and sales up to 150 % (year on year) with seasonal sales campaigns created by Wask.

4. Wask helped E-commerce sites to increase total average ROI up to %30 and overall re- marketing ROI increased up to 40% by AI supported Ads management solutions.

5. E-Commerce sites reached up to 4x countries with the smart features of Wask such as creating target audience with AI technology.

Unique Smart Features

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Spend 70 % less money, get 3X more clicks, + 200% conversion boost using Wask.
For E-Commerce
Market your products to whole world easily by managing all ads smartly.
For Companies
Manage your budget in the most effective way by creating the best audience for your company.
For Startups
Gain more customers with less spending by managing your limited advertising budgets correctly.
For Agencies
View and manage all your company's advertising campaigns from a single platform.
For Mobile Apps
Determine your perfect marketing strategy by tracking all your performance indicators easily.

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