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1. Mobile Apps Owners saw great results on advertises that Wask’s advisors created for in driving app installs and in-app purchases. The creative resulted in a 70% higher conversion rate from app install to app purchase.

2. Mobile App Owners decreased CPA up to % 60 for app installs and improved conversion rate up to 80% globally with the combination of automated optimization and customized ads that created by Wask.

3. For mobile apps, the campaign with Video Ads that Wask created for them had a lower cost per install up to 30% and a higher conversion rate compared to the campaign with only graphics up to 25%. The campaign with Video Ads also had a higher CTR up to 30%. The campaigns featuring Video Ads had a higher conversion rate from install to start using the app up to 35%.

4. Mobile App Owners increased app installs up to 200% by running a campaign and testing the impact of different creative elements with Wask’s professional Personal Advisor.

5. Wask provide Mobile App Owners to reach users from all countries with the AI based smart solutions. Thus, Mobile App Owners increased their number of countries up to 10x and started to get into new markets.

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For E-Commerce
Market your products to whole world easily by managing all ads smartly.
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Manage your budget in the most effective way by creating the best audience for your company.
For Startups
Gain more customers with less spending by managing your limited advertising budgets correctly.
For Agencies
View and manage all your company's advertising campaigns from a single platform.
For Mobile Apps
Determine your perfect marketing strategy by tracking all your performance indicators easily.

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