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Today, there is Facebook advertising type of Facebook. These include Event Responses (increasing participation in your event), Offer Claims (getting people to receive your offer), and Video Views (getting video views).

 Event Responses

Many things can be done thanks to this advertising model. For example, if you have an event and want to increase your participation, your experience will reach more people. You can see the responses of people reached with this ad model. Also, information can be obtained about how many people will participate in the event. The visual size of the ad model is 1200x444 px.


Offer Claims

This ad model is used in some cases. An example of a campaign related to your products and services is the applied discount rate or similar situation. It enables users to benefit from campaigns and discounts about products and services in your business or branches. E-mail about the offer conditions and usage is sent to the e-mail addresses of the persons receiving the offer. You can see how many people got the offer. Facebook does not share information about the bidders with your business. It is prepared using the methods used when giving other types of advertising. Only the ad image size is 1200x628 px.


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Video Views

It is one of the ads that attract the most attention of users among Facebook ad models. Using this ad model on Facebook, the target audience can be noticed. Of course, there are some conditions. Examples such as the availability of a video about the products and services on behalf of the company can be given.



Thanks to Facebook advertising, sales can increase by increasing brand awareness, discovery rate, and loyalty. Assets can be strengthened, and potential customers can be reached more quickly. Also, Facebook advertising has many advantages.


1- Facebook ads are low cost. Therefore, a small budget can be allocated to reach hundreds of thousands. 

2- It is not clear how many people can be reached with other advertising tools. Some information about advertising can be obtained using Facebook advertising. An example is how many people clicked and reviewed the ad. 

3- It is possible to choose Facebook ads hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Advertising should be made on Facebook before the day of the campaign. Thus, the target audience can be provided to examine the campaign in advance. 

4- Timing is done manually because Facebook ads are under control. After the advertisement is published, many changes can be made upon request. Examples include a change in text, video, image, or target audience. 

5- The number of Facebook users in the world in general and Turkey is too much. Therefore, it is extremely easy for Facebook users to access products and services. 

6- Demographic and location targeting can be done. If the ad is desired to reach the right and the desired audience, some criteria can be selected. Criteria such as age, gender, marital status, location, educational status can be chosen. Facebook advertising offers more flexibility. So it is more advantageous than other ads. Ads can be made according to the daily budget. Friends of users who like the ad can also see your ad in the first place. It is possible to reach more masses in a shorter time.


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Tricks of Facebook Ads 

Facebook advertising consists of 7 stages. These stages are; determining the ad type and target audience, setting the budget and duration of the ad, bidding, pricing settings, and visual selection, determining the text and link selections and ordering.

Bidding / Pricing

How to spend the budget on advertising is decided. The decision can be made by arranging the bidding and pricing sections. In the bidding section, the advertisement can be optimized according to some criteria. Criteria such as page likes or clicks are examples. Payment criteria, such as paying 30 cents per screening, can be determined in the pricing section.

Visual Selection

In Facebook ads, users first encounter the visual. That is why it is important to have an attractive and high quality visual. Up to 6 images can be uploaded. Statistics can be evaluated with the excess of the image. Ad performance can be improved if the least engaging image is found and removed. The size of the images varies according to the position of the advertisement. Usually, 1080 × 1080 or 1200 × 628 is recommended. When the dimensions of the image are different, editing can be made with the reposition feature. Text can be found in a maximum of 20 percent of the image.


Complete Order

After editing, final checks can be made by clicking on the order review. You can switch to the payment page by selecting the order later. After updating the payment information, the payment is made by clicking the send button. The Facebook advertising team publishes if no situation does not meet the Facebook terms. It notifies the publication both via e-mail and Facebook notification. After this stage, the Facebook advertisement management page should be entered. Advertising performance should be increased by observing reports and statistics.


Facebook Ad Users

There are 4 million active advertisers on Facebook.

1- It advertises only 6% of the pages on Facebook.

2- The average clickthrough rate (CTR) of Facebook ads is 0.9%. The average cost-per-click (CPC) cost is $ 0.64. The average cost of CPM (pricing per 1000 impressions) is $ 7.29. The average cost per app install (CPI) is $ 3.85.

3- 89% of Facebook ad revenues consist of mobile ads.

4- 2019 Facebook revenue totals $ 40,653 billion.


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