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Scheduler Does Everything on Time

Scheduler plans your ads process automatically.
Just define a task and let scheduler start/stop/delete ads on time.

Create New Task

Wask provide you another smart solution called Scheduler. You can schedule all your ads from different accounts easily. First you need to press the “Create New Task” button to specify your task.

Just you need to select your ad account and your digital ad then assign the task and chose the date. Now your ads are ready to manage itself automatically.


  • Start or Stop Your Ads

    Scheduler provide you to start/stop your ads to a specified date. After you create your task, Scheduler publish the ads that you chose in a time that you specify.

    So you dont need to start/stop different ads manually. Scheduler makes it for you.

  • Limit Your Ads’ Amount

    One of the best features of Scheduler is limiting your budget to take highest efficiency. You need to select your ad and spending limit.

    Scheduler will limit your ads and stop ads when they reached the specified amount. So Scheduler save you from burning your money.

  • Simple Access, Anytime!

    Reach your digital ads easily from all devices
    and manage them efficiently anywhere, anytime

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