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With your reference link, we pay $ 10 for every user you subscribe to WASK.
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What is affiliate program ?
Affiliate program is a system that enables individuals and institutions to make money through WASK. Our participants, whom we call "our partners", earn a fee for each subscriber they attract in WASK with a reference link dedicated to them.
Who can register?
Anyone with a bank account can be included in the affiliate program.
How to make money with WASK ?
When you register, a special reference link is created for you. By sharing this reference link on social media, adding promotional images given by the system to your website or doing your own promotional work, you earn money per subscriber you draw on the WASK platform.
How can I use my accumulated balance?
Once your user balance reaches 500, you can give instructions to transfer the money to your bank account. Money passes to your bank within 2 business days.