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Create and Optimize New Ads

CONNECT all your digital Ads Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Linkedin) with just one click and start to MANAGE all in one screen easily.

Let Wask control, plan and compare your ads with unique smart solutions such as "AutoPilot", "Scheduler" and "Performance Comparison". Just rest and SAVE TIME !

Take professional support to make effective ads from your special advisor assigned to you for all processes 24/7. Manage your bugdet easily and SAVE MONEY!

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Design Your Ads Easily

Everything you need to design your Facebook, Instagram or Google ad image is in one place.

Free themes, emojis, background colors and much more that we have prepared for you and constantly updated...

Design professional advertising images in minutes with drag and drop.

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Find Your Target Audience with
Artificial Intelligence

The most important step of digital ads is to create the right target audiences. You can quickly create and manage your target audiences thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms With WASK.

So you get much more clicks.

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Connect to Your Website with Wask

You can easily connect your website with Wask software to advertise to your existing customers or potential customers similar to your customers on your platforms such as Wordpress, Woocommerce, Shopify.

Reliable plug-ins of WASK software allow you to place remarketing ads to people who interact with your site, or find people similar to registered customers on your website.

Get More Customers !

70% Spend Less
3X More Click
200% More Conversions
2X More Customers

Get More Customers !

70% Spend Less
3X More Click
200% More Conversions
2X More Customers

Unique Smart Features

Meet the Next Generation of Digital Marketing

Who Should Use?

Spend 70 % less money, get 3X more clicks, + 200% conversion boost using Wask.

For E-Commerce
Market your products to whole world easily by managing all ads smartly.
For Companies
Manage your budget in the most effective way by creating the best audience for your company.
For Startups
Gain more customers with less spending by managing your limited advertising budgets correctly.
For Agencies
View and manage all your company's advertising campaigns from a single platform.
For Mobile Apps
Determine your perfect marketing strategy by tracking all your performance indicators easily.

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