Smart Analytics

Follow your visitors in real time and model them with behaviour analysis

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Smart Analytics

All Events is Recorded

Automatically track all conversions on your website

Smart Analytic Events

Smart Analytic Events





Form Submit



Click Phone

Explore Your Visitors

With live results and behaviour analysis

Follow Visitors Live

Follow Your Visitors Live

Follow your website or web application live to better understand your visitors and make instant decisions. Track the number of online visitors with their traffic sources with indicators such as your visitors, country, IP and events

Model your customers

with behaviour analyses and retention cohort

Historical Funnel Analysis

Analyze in detail what conversions your visitors made during their journey on the website by tracking which URLs your visitors followed and returned, with which URL they become your customers or when your non-customers leave the websites

Historical Funnel Analysis
Smart Analytics HeatMap


The website where you offer your products and services for sale is very important for successful campaigns. Track all the actions of all visitors on your website, button clicks and similar traces left on your website with a heat map in different resolutions

Smart Signals

Be instantly informed of sudden decreases and rises increases for the conversions of your visitors and users on your website or web application, as well as smart signals in case your website is down

Smart Signals

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Use WASK's Smart Library

WASK provides a specific library code to your business so that you can easily examine your website visitors, visitor behavior, events on your website, and retention cohort data

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