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How Can I Contact WASK Support As Soon As Possible?

You can talk to us live with the chat box and also mail or support section. We get in touch with you a soon as possible.

How Many Accounts Can I Connect To WASK?

You can connect 1 ads account to basic account, 4 ads account to premium account and 20 ads account to professional account. You can change your plan at any time you want. Please contact us if you need a customized plan, we will be happy to assist you

Can I Request A Demo?

You can always schedule a demo with our experts to use WASK better. We are always happy to support you while using WASK.

Which Ad Accounts Can I Connect To WASK?

You can connect your Facebook, Instagram and Google ad accounts to WASK.

Where Can I Learn How To Use WASK?

You can always check our help center to get more detailed information about WASK. And also,you can schedule a demo meeting with our experts at any time to get more detailed information about use of features.

How Do You Optimize Ads?

WASK’s intelligent algorithms analyze ads performance results in details effectively and use the budget to the right target audiences.

Is There Any Feature Differences Between Plans?

There are some differences between the plans, such as feature usage limits. You can find all the details in the Pricing section

How Will I Be Notified Of Changes In My Ads While Using Your Features?

We will inform you by e-mail about the changes in your advertisements and the notifications you have chosen, and we will ensure that you do not miss any important changes.

What Kind Of Security Measures Are In Place To Protect My Data?

WASK collect your data with GDPR compliance. WASK use your ads data through Facebook and Google API channels instantly, not in a database. Your financial data is processed instantly without storing important information such as the performances results of your ads.

Is WASK Secure To Use?

It collaborates with Google and Facebook. It rapidly processes ad campaign data using the Facebook and Google platforms. It is completely safe to use. Your Google and Facebook ad campaigns are simple to manage and optimize.

Can Any Changes Be Made To My Ads and Other Data Without My Permission?

No changes are made without your permission. You can easily see and follow all the changes you have made on your WASK account.

What Happens To My Facebook and Google Ads Campaigns If I Cancel My WASK Subscription?

If you cancel your WASK subscription, your campaigns will not change. You will be able to manage and edit your campaigns directly from other platforms at any time.

How Long Can I Use WASK For Free?

You can try WASK free for the first seven days(7) and then you should create a subscription with your credit card to use.

What Is The Pricing Model In My Plan?

You can check your plan from account settings section.

Can I Change My Subscription Plan?

You can always change your plan. You can downgrade, upgrade or cancel your subscription plan.

With Which Payment Methods Can I Create a Subscription?

Currently, we can only accept credit card payments.