create facebook digital ads

Create & Manage Ads from All-In-One

It is so easy to connect different digital ads accounts with Wask. Connect all your accounts to one single platform to create, publish and control all advertises from a single page. All you need to do is click the "Connect Account" button and connect Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts to Wask for tracking, editing and sharing your digital ads.

You can connect to your Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedln and Twitter ads accounts with just one click and start to manage all in one screen easily.

digital ads designer

Design Your Ads Easily

Everything you need to design your Facebook, Instagram or Google ad image is in one place.

Free themes, emojis, background colors and much more that we have prepared for you and constantly updated...

Design professional advertising images in minutes with drag and drop.

scheduler digital ads


Scheduler plans your ads process automatically.
Just define a task and let scheduler start/stop/delete ads on time.

Wask provide you another smart solution called Scheduler. You can schedule all your ads from different accounts easily. First you need to press the “Create New Task” button to specify your task.

Just you need to select your ad account and your digital ad then assign the task and chose the date. Now your ads are ready to manage itself automatically.

auto digital ads


You can automatically stop your ads at a later date with the AutoPilot function. In such cases, you may have your ads checked daily by AutoPilot if you cannot access your ads for holidays or other reasons.

When you activate AutoPilot there is a few period option to control your ads. Wask can track your ads on daily, weekly or every 15 days for you. All you have to do is activate the AutoPilot function and choose your period.

facebook performance comparison

Performance Comparison

You created your ads and now you need to see how their performances are going. Performance Comparison is taking the control from here. Select your account and ad that you want to see its performance and now you can see how much money you spent, what is its convention, how many time it has clicked, how much one click costs you, which gender has more interested with your ad and which cities are looking your ads most.

Now select the other advertise and you can see both of their scores’ in one screen to compare and evaluate.

create facebook target audience

Create Smart Target Audience

After clicking the “Create New Audience” button, Wask requests you some informations to create target audience. First you need to select your sector and subtitle of your sector then select your country, business model and the channel you want to advertise to create the true target audience.

After these informations Wask’s AI technology is taking over the task. It creates the true target audience with its always updated unique algorithms.

a-b test

Create A / B Tests

Test your ads between Facebook or Google ads, or between both platforms. Thanks to the smart algorithms of Wask software, you can compete with each other in the periods you set.

facebook-instagram digital ads

Manage All Digital Ad Media

Meet the media library where you can prepare digital advertising images with the design tool, as well as manage advertising images and content.

You can keep all advertising content in one place and use it whenever you need it. You can upload, design and manage Facebook, Instagram or Google ad images. Moreover, these are very quick and easy.

facebook pixel connect

Connect to Your Website with Wask

You can easily connect your website with Wask software to advertise to your existing customers or potential customers similar to your customers on your platforms such as Wordpress, Woocommerce, Shopify.

Reliable plug-ins of WASK software allow you to place remarketing ads to people who interact with your site, or find people similar to registered customers on your website.

facebook data security

Data Security

Connect all your advertise accounts to Wask with just one click and start manage. Through this process Wask never ask your accounts’ password. You just click the connect account button and the page of the platform that you want to connect will open in a new tab.

Users’ all advertising data is stored on Wask’s secure and safe platform during their using time. The all data of users who have expired are destroyed safely