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You can easily compare your performance of all advertising results
to get the highest efficiency from your digital marketing;.

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Compare All Ads

You created your ads and now you need to see how their performances are going. Performance Comparison is taking the control from here. Select your account and ad that you want to see its performance and now you can see how much money you spent, what is its convention, how many time it has clicked, how much one click costs you, which gender has more interested with your ad and which cities are looking your ads most.

Now select the other advertise and you can see both of their scores’ in one screen to compare and evaluate.

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Efficiency Score for Ads

Wask’s Performance Comparison provide you a productivity score for your advertises’ with a unique AI technology which has algorithms that always updated. AI create this score with the datas which are amount spent, convention, click number and more.

Wask’s this amazing feature is providing you to evaluate your ad’s efficiency and you can manage your ads to use your budget in the most efficient way for you.

What does Performance Comparison do?
Performance Comparison provides you to choose the most efficient ad by comparing both.
How can I compare my advertises?
You can start comparing your ads by choosing two of them. This comparison based on data such as amount spent, conversion, cost per click and more.
What does efficiency score help?
Wask create a score with the help of unique AI system by calculating cost per click, convention etc. It helps you to manage your advertise campaigns and budget in the most efficient way.

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