Connect All Accounts

It is so easy to connect different digital ads accounts with Wask. Connect all your accounts to one single platform to create, publish and control all advertises from a single page. All you need to do is click the "Connect Account" button and connect Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts to Wask for tracking, editing and sharing your digital ads.

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Manage Your Ads

Wask provide users to manage their ads in one simple and effective platform. After you connect all your accounts to Wask, you will see a wide menu on your dashboard. After this you can select account and select ad to manage and evalatue with performance datas that Wask provide you.

You can see if your ads are active or passive, how many times your ad has clicked, how much money did you spent, what is the percentage of man and woman who are clicked to your ad, what are their ages etc. With the help of all these datas you can see your ad's performance score and you can decide if this ad is succesful or not for you.

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Create New Ads

Creating new ad is fast and easy in Wask's platform. First you need to chose the account, channel and area that you want to create ad for it. Then select your specified target audience if you have no audience yet you can create it with the help of Wask's advenced AI technology easily.

Finally specify your daily advertising budget and website or social media links. You are ready to create your ads now. If you have to do is click the "I want to prepare ad text and visuals from my consultant" button and give more details about your ads to your personal assistant

Will I pay separately for each ads account that I connect to Wask?
No, you will not. You will pay for your subscription package only. Our package has different account limits. You can check our packages here.
Which Ads platforms can I connect to Wask?
You can connect Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads to Wask. LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads are coming soon.
How can I connect my all accounts in one platform?
You can connect all your accounts with just one click after login to Wask platform. All you must do is click the “Connect Account” button and you can start managing your account.
How can I create ads after connecting my accounts?
Just click to “Create New Ads” button on dashboard. After you clicked, Wask will ask you some information to take highest efficiency from your ads and system will create new ads in seconds.
How can I manage all my ads accounts in one screen?
After you connect your accounts you will see all ads data in one screen. In addition, you can screen only one or more ads accounts instead of all accounts.
What will I do if I have no visual or video for my ads?
Your Personal Advisor is always ready for you. If you do not have any visual or video for your ads, you can choose “I want my digital consultant to prepare my ads visuals and texts” to take help from personal advisor to create advertise.
What kind of advertises I can create with Wask?
You can create any type of advertises such as online, business, social media ads and more with Wask.

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