Just 1 step to left start digital marketing

Take Control of Your Budget

Your ads stop automatically when they reach the amount you specified so you can manage your budget easily.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Limit your amount to avoid spending much more money than you need. All you must to do is specify an amount to Wask’s system that you want to spend for your ads and Wask takes the control from here.

Wask makes sure that you spent your limited money for the most efficient way by stopping your ads when you reach the limit.

  • Automatically Stop When Your Ads Efficiency Are Low

    Wask’s AI technology determine a performance score with your ads’ datas such as how many times it has clicked, how many people saw etc.

    These features provide users to deactivate the ads which are under below the score automatically so Wask keep users away from spending unnecessary money for their advertises. Wask always keep your ads’ performance score current.


  • Simple Access, Anytime!

    Reach your digital ads easily from all devices
    and manage them efficiently anywhere, anytime

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