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1. Startups saw remarkable results in their main KPIs. Their internal expense ratios drop up to 20% and ROAS increased up to 100% with Wask’s unique features. Founders are sleeping easier (literally and figuratively) with Wask’s Budget Management Solutions, as there was no longer a need for them to manually adjust budgets throughout the week.

2. Startups built a new retargeting strategy that quickly outperformed its previous campaigns with support of AI supported Target Audience feature. Wask’s smart solutions provide startups to specify the best audience for their business and they increased their revenue up to 2.7x by retargeting.

3. Startups had cut the Cost-Per-Acquisition down up to 80% by creating perfect target audience with Wask’s AI supported features.

4. The Ads campaigns created by Wask allowed startups to see how much is important to specify the best strategy and using the special campaigns to improve business and have more users. In a small time, startups’ cost per click dropped up to 45% and CTR increased up to 95%.

5. Wask provided startups to decrease the time for their advertising up to 80% with its unique smart solutions. So startups spent less time to ads management up to %50 while they decrease their personal expenses up to %90.

Unique Smart Features

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Who Should Use?

Spend 70 % less money, get 3X more clicks, + 200% conversion boost using Wask.
For E-Commerce
Market your products to whole world easily by managing all ads smartly.
For Companies
Manage your budget in the most effective way by creating the best audience for your company.
For Startups
Gain more customers with less spending by managing your limited advertising budgets correctly.
For Agencies
View and manage all your company's advertising campaigns from a single platform.
For Mobile Apps
Determine your perfect marketing strategy by tracking all your performance indicators easily.

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3X More Click
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